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Dear Friends:

Ing. Bc. Zdeněk KadlecI would like to introduce the ViZa Charitable Fund to you and provide you with basic information about it. I trust that you will find this topic to be of interest, and that you will decide for closer cooperation. There is nothing more beautiful than jointly developing and bringing to life development projects, and jointly helping people who need the assistance of those who are stronger.

The ViZa Charitable Fund was established to help fulfil a partnership concluded between the Vysočina Region and the Sub-Carpathian Ukraine Region, primarily through the implementation of joint projects and activities. The Fund will, however, be open to the involvement of other partner regions, legal and natural persons, institutions, and other entities.

Personally, I am convinced that the Sub-Carpathian region is beautiful and noble, with rich traditions and, above all, with great growth potential. The ViZa Charitable Fund is an entity with the ambition to partake not only in that development, but in the partnerships, cooperation, and approximation of entities in various sectors. ViZa is here to help develop friendships and build bridges and new ties.

Dear Friends:
Join us in our involvement in charitable projects. We will always welcome your help, cooperation, activity, as well as even mere suggestions, ideas, and comments. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Mgr. Ing. Zdeněk Kadlec, dr. h. c.
Chairman of the ViZa Charitable Fund

Dobročinný fond ViZa, Náměstí Národa 4, 88008 Užhorod, Ukrajinská republika